Lotus reposition

Last June, excitement reigned when Lotus announced that it was going to build a motorbike. And here it is – the Lotus C-01.

Last June, excitement reigned when Lotus announced that, for the first time, it was going to build a motorbike. And here it is – the Lotus C-01. It did have some help, though – it was developed by auto racing team Kodewa, car designer Daniel Simon, and motorsport group Holzer. It is, Lotus claims, a 'hyper bike'. We're not arguing.

A few technical details of this most super of superbikes, of which only 100 will be built (and for which no price has been announced): its sleek chassis is made from steel, titanium and carbon fibre, while its V-Twin engine offers a mighty 200hp. You can even customise the livery, too.

By Chris Borg; see lotus-motorcycles.com




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