Lotus reposition

Last June, excitement reigned when Lotus announced that, for the first time, it was going to build a motorbike. And here it is – the Lotus C-01. It did have some help, though – it was developed by auto racing team Kodewa, car designer Daniel Simon, and motorsport group Holzer. It is, Lotus claims, a 'hyper bike'. We're not arguing.

A few technical details of this most super of superbikes, of which only 100 will be built (and for which no price has been announced): its sleek chassis is made from steel, titanium and carbon fibre, while its V-Twin engine offers a mighty 200hp. You can even customise the livery, too.

By Chris Borg; see lotus-motorcycles.com



Benz the rules

Say the initials AMG to most of the motoring-minded and they will conjure up images of pumped-up tail-happy saloons or supercars that can embarrass a Ferrari in a straight line. But times are changing. 

Personal vest

X-Bionic for Automobili Lamborghini's Huracán gear doesn't to prevent you from sweating, but make you sweat in the best possible way, to increase power and enhance performance.




What an earful

In-ear headphones aren’t always the most comfortable of gadgets. But the redesigned Bower & Wilkins C5 Series 2 won’t leave you with sore ears – unless you decide to blast your eardrums with killer tunes.

Streets ahead

Snik have been painting graffiti-laden city walls with evocative female figures for nearly 12 years.

On your marks

Jaguar Cars' design director may be more used to pushing the boundaries of contemporary car design, but this year he has been let loose on the archives.


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