Made in Global is not your average designer brand. True, its elegant leather bags are perfectly in tune with the current trend for minimalist accessories but its company ethos is helping Italian leather goods shake its overpriced label for good.

The globetrotting founders live up to the brand's moniker: founded by a Brit and an Argentine national in Brazil, based in London and selling Italian-made products, it practices what it preaches when it comes to being global.

The best bit? Its backpacks and briefcases are cut, stitched and polished in the same Florentine factories as the designer giants of the industry, but without the price tag to match. Starting at £395, they prove that finely crafted leather goods can still be stylish and durable without breaking the bank.

The San Telmo Tan bag epitomises the brand’s commitment to understated style. Its streamlined design, refined colour palette and silver hardware is a timeless silhouette – the perfect vehicle to transport your bonus-boosting business proposal or carry Square Mile onto your business-class flight to St Barts. Amping up the style stakes while you're racking up the air miles games. 

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