Win a £405 Holdall from Whitehouse Cox

We've teamed up with luxury brand Whitehouse Cox to offer you the chance to win a classic 20-inch Mountbatten Holdall

Whitehouse Cox has handcrafted luxury leather goods in England since 1875.

The British army enlisted the brand to craft equestrian equipment for use in both the first and second world wars. Despite this storied past, the brand remains relatively unknown in Britain after decades of crafting leather goods for other brands. But Whitehouse Cox has cultivated an immense popularity in Japan, where its luxury leather goods are coveted by a large and loyal audience. Championing clean and refined design sensibilities, it is certainly a perfect match for the discerning City gent, too.

So much so that square mile has teamed up with the brand to offer you the chance to win a classic 20-inch Mountbatten Holdall. The Mountbatten’s rugged-yet-elegant design makes it fashionable and practical in equal measure. The bag counts David Attenborough and Michael Palin among its well-known owners. Fine company to be in. Whitehouse Cox products boast an average life-span of around nine to ten years with daily use. During that time, the leather takes on a unique patina, leading to a genuinely individual accessory.

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