Sushi fans in the City start celebrating – Sushi Gourmet is opening the first University of Sushi at Leadenhall Market.

The university will house sushi chefs in training as they learn to dice, slice, chop and roll sushi to the highest standards, each potentially a culinary superstar of tomorrow.

Meanwhile the expert team will hand-make the Sushi Gourmet menu, a wide selection of the freshest sushi available for purchase. Sample the likes of nigiri, maki, poke, chirashi, sashimi, California rolls and spring rolls, as well as the ‘Box of The Month’ – a composition of the most popular dishes.

Want to enrol yourself? From February onwards, Sushi Gourmet will be offering a selection of workshops and masterclasses at the university, hosted by some of its expert chefs. You won’t receive a degree but the ability to make delicious sushi should prove far more practical in the long run.

For more information about Sushi Gourmet or the University of Sushi, visit