If your bonus doesn't quite cut the mustard this year, there are other ways to get your hands on a dream car.

Listed on the stock market, BOTB has handed over the keys to more than £22m worth of supercars since it was founded by William Hindmarch in 1999.

Every week, someone somewhere gets behind the wheel of their dream car thanks to BOTB. The roll call of victors is impressive, with more than 30 Porsches, 23 Range Rovers and 18 Aston Martins in the winners’ circle since the competition began. BOTB gave away its first McLaren in October 2015.

With high-profile stands at airports and in Britain’s biggest shopping centres, plus a mighty online presence, more than 370 winners around the world have had their motoring lives changed forever.

The company uses former professional footballers such as England international Sol Campbell alongside current and former referees to judge the competition independently each week.

Of course, despite a TV advertising campaign and a huge reach on social channels, convincing people they’ve won is still tricky.

“It’s such a life-changing win that it takes a long time to persuade some of our winners that they’ve actually won,” laughs Will. “The look on their faces is priceless. It’s only when they physically see the car that they really get excited.”

Naturally the element of surprise is vital in ensuring the reaction is as wide-eyed as possible, with Will and his team spending days researching their winners and plotting the big reveal.

“Huge amounts of work go into this every week,” explains Will. “It’s very cloak and dagger so we have to find out where they live and work and what their movements will be on the day. Then we have to plan our travel and do a recce of the area so we know where best to set up. Often we have the media in tow and there’s also a big shiny car to hide but we seem to manage it every time.”

The most popular car of all is the Range Rover Sport, although winners have picked up everything from Maseratis and Porsches to Mercedes and Minis.

“Every person who plays is different but what they have in common is a love cars so we have more than 180 cars for them to choose from - all of which have been reduced by 50%…even the new DB11,” Will explains.

“With people playing online and at our airport and shopping centre stands it means the winner can be anywhere in the globe – and that means someone having the passport ready to go and surprise them!”

To find out more go to botb.com and collect your free £5 voucher when you sign up.