Bye Theresa: this election has shown Jeremy Corbyn to be the perfect campaigner

Make no mistake: this election has been a disaster for the Tories, and a triumph for Jeremy Corbyn. Expect a rerun sooner rather than later

You have just witnessed a political earthquake. The Tories dismal election campaign shredded their 25% point lead over Labour to just 1% point in the end. I cannot remember a more disastrous campaign in modern history. John Major put in a better innings at the stump.

As I write we still await to see if Kensington and Chelsea is about to leave the Tory fold. K&C, for goodness’ sake. That’s a disaster. When did it ever elect anything other than a true blue.

So the campaign showed a PM who could not, er, campaign. On the flipside, it showed Jeremy Corbyn to be the perfect campaigner. He won the ‘yoof’ vote hands down and – with a canny pledge to scrap student debt, it was entirely rational for many of them to vote for him.

The real star of the show is Tory Scottish leader Ruth Davidson

Simply put: his sunny campaign matched the zeitgeist of the times. It also seemed to motivate many EU Remainers who don’t want a hard Brexit. And it seems some Leavers who don’t want a hard Brexit either.

Stand by, markets – Brexit itself is now in jeopardy. The DUP, who are set to do a deal with Theresa May, don’t want a hard Brexit or a hard border with Ireland. This changes everything.

The other real star of the show is Tory Scottish leader Ruth Davidson: arguably the most impressive politician in Britain right now. She has stopped #indyref2 in its tracks. And she might be a future Tory leader sooner than we think.

Something tells me we are going back to the ballot box – very soon.

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