The market for antique arms and armour is accessible at a modest entry level for the new collector, with prices ranging from a few hundred pounds for daggers and knightly spurs, to upwards of £15,000 for complete late Medieval and Renaissance armours. Our regular sales cover a time span from the Bronze Age to the late Victorian period and a geographical reach of the entire world.

In the last few years, prices have continued to be driven by collectors, rather than speculators, and have increased slowly but steadily, unaffected by the economic downturn. Arms and armour represent excellent value in relative terms, considering the work that went into making quality pieces and their original retail price. Pieces sold in recent years for £20,000-£30,000, such as a 16th century etched Italian full armour, were the equivalent of a McClaren P1 in their day.

Provenance is one of the key drivers of prices in this field, and applies not only to well-known historic figures but to great collections assembled over recent years and the past. 

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