Now is the time to invest in Banksy's artwork

Sam Rhodes, gallery director at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, has been reselling Banksy originals and prints since 2003. He shares his tips for those looking to invest in the street artist’s work

The illusive king of street art, Banksy is best known for his iconic stencils, often communicating poignant political statements.

Banksy originals crop up on walls across UK towns and cities, particularly London, Brighton, Liverpool and of course the artist’s hometown of Bristol. Last year the artist put Weston-super-Mare on the map after it became home to Dismaland, an installation by the artist in the form of the world’s first ‘bemusement’ park.

Banksy’s work continues to sell at auction for well above its estimated value – and because he hasn’t released a commercial print since 2009, resale value of his work continues to rise. This has given way to many copycats and wannabe-Banksy investors should be absolutely sure of what they are buying.

Here's some handy tips to get you started: