First track you fell in love with?

From what I can remember the first housey track I feel in love with was Eric Prydz - Pjanoo! I heard it at Global Gathering in 2007/8 – it was my first ever festival.

Most recent track you fell in love with?

This has to be Skream - You Know Right. It's got such a timeless feel to it and when I first heard it I thought I had heard it a million times. The vocal is awesome and so are those rolling leads, then there’s a filthy bassline to carry it all along – love it.

Track to start your day with?

I don’t really have a favourite track to start the day, I usually jump in my motor and my car automatically runs iTunes from my phone so I guess it’s up to the car!

Track that always cheers you up?

Hungry For The Power (Jamie Jones Remix). I hate the stigma this track has among DJs, it’s so good!

Track to get you in the mood for a night out?

Oxia – Whole Life

Track to play in the bedroom?

Jamie Trench – Juicy. Perfect for when you are getting ready.

Track of yours that you’re most proud of?

Max Chapman - Resistance. It’s on my album and it’s my favourite by far.

Recent track of yours that you want to share with us?

Luca Donzelli - Drummer Eager (Max Chapman Remix). One of my favourite remixes to date this, it’s had great support but unfortunately didn’t chart!

Track you wish you’d written?

The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix). This is literally the best track I have ever heard, ever!

If you could only listen to one track for the rest of your life...?

Got to be ‘The Sky Was Pink’ from the last question!

First track at your wedding?

Chaka Kahn – Aint Nobody. 100% one of my favourite records.

Track to play at your funeral?

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father

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