The workout

The training regime is initially split into three days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This allows the body a day’s rest to recover the muscles after the training session, which can initially be quite taxing. Each of these sessions are put together to form a well-rounded training programme, which hits the entire body through a means of compound lifting (multi-joint) and isolation exercises. The body is provided with both a solid strength foundation and the ability to fill a T-shirt in the right places.

  • Monday – Deadlift, Bench Press, and Bicep Curls
  • Wednesday – Squat, Shoulder Press, and Skull Crushers
  • Friday - Leg Press, Barbell Rows, and Lateral Raises

For a breakdown of each session, see the gallery above. 

In order to reach the necessary intensity, you must complete 10 repetitions of each exercise. Then immediately move onto the next exercise, followed by the third exercise. Once all three are done, take a one minute rest and go again. Repeat for eight sets.

Use around 55% of your maximum lift for each exercise. For example, if you can lift 100kg on the bench press for one rep, begin by using around 55kg for all eight sets in this routine.

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