Tudor's latest campaign, 'Born to Dare' was always going to need an adventurous, sporty and, stating the obvious, daring individual to represent its brand. And who better than Premier League winning, Amazon-trekking, sword-wielding David Beckham to do just that. His good looks and intrinsic on-point fashion sense doesn't hinder the cause either...

The esteemed watch brand is known for making adaptable and durable accessories for adventurers which are able to perform in the most extreme conditions, whether on land, ice, in the air or underwater.

This latest campaign prides itself on championing men who have a penchant for the classic, a curiosity about innovation, who like to dabble with danger, face their fears and make a habit of reinventing themselves. We're looking at you Becks. We can't ever unsee the outgrown bleached hair or that mohwak.

Speaking about his collaboration with Tudor, he says, 'Especially as an Englishman I think you really appreciate a nice suit and a nice watch." 

The brand favours passionate pioneers and unconventional people in the same way it does watches. And as a working-class boy who went on to captain the English football team, marry a Spice Girl, who became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and most recently played a knight in Guy Ritchie's King Arthur, if David Beckham was a watch, he'd most definitely be a Tudor.

To find out more: www.tudorwatch.com