Combining quality menswear with sporting heritage, Corinthian 1882 has always used the world's most popular sport as inspiration for its signature style.

If you've been living under a rock or have performed a few too many headers, that sport is of course, football. And it has been an unlikely paring that has paid off sartorially.

Despite Corinthian FC playing their last season in 1939, the British brand keeps the team's legacy alive by crafting timeless men's shirt, jerseys, knits and outerwear that take design cues from the past. The classic Harrington-style “Watson Jacket” features a collar inspired by the boilersuit of a 1930’s football groundsman.

The traditional Fraser tartan is also replaced with Watson tartan in the inner yolk as a stylistic nod to Andrew Watson, the world’s first black footballer who played for the club in the late 19th century.

But not only is this jacket a nifty addition to your wardrobe, it's also pretty practical. The garment is made from Ventile, a densely-woven cotton found in only 2% of the world’s crop, a fabric that was developed during WWII to help downed RAF fighter pilots survive the arctic seas.

Good to know if you're travelling home via Chelsea Bridge after a few glasses of vino in Pimlico.

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