On my wrist

I’m a bit of a watch nerd, a collector. I’m fascinated by old watches because it’s fun to use things that I’ve been made 50 years ago when you need to change your iPhone every three years. My ultimate watch is a steel Audemars jumbo royal oak from the 70s. It’s still manufactured today, the design has barely evolved. It’s super solid.

In my sights

A bicycle. I think it could be good for my daily exercise, practical. I always come to this when I’m settling down a bit after the long touring summer months. Maybe this time I’ll go for it

In my wardrobe

There’s a uniform that I wear everyday, essentially acne denim, common projects, uniqlo underwear, pretty boring stuff. And then there’s a section of things I only wear for shows. Like Gucci jackets, a Balenciaga inflatable jacket, golden tops, etc… I’m not the same person on stage, I need my costume, it can go pretty wild.

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On my radar

Applecore, a small brand that represents well the new Paris wave right now.

On my travels

I’m evolving to become a one device man, I wanna use as less pieces of equipment as possible. iPhone is the obvious key. I even read books on my iPhone (some people will be ashamed). I also take a pair of noiseless Sennheiser headphones. Swim trunks lol, Sneakers to run and hike, the lighter I travel the better I feel

In my dreams

I would definitely buy a space ship, space is so intriguing, I can’t thank enough all the directors who are making space movies, from Kubrik to Nolan thank you guys.

In my past

I customised a bike once, I was probably 14 or 15 years old, everything about it was special, seat, handle bars, headlight, wheels. Don’t know what happened to it, don’t remember. No doubt I’d definitely enjoy a ride in the streets of Paris if I’d still have it.

On my agenda

Well flying is my thing, I heard there was a circus flying trapeze school north west side of Regent’s Park, I’d love to know how it feels like to fly from one trapeze to another!

In my future

I’ve always thought I could become an architect, with this in mind I have to say that travelling in the most beautiful cities all year long is quiet a treat

On my bucket list

Again space attracts me a lot, let’s hope it gets affordable before I die.

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