Since its launch in September 2010, Trunk Clothiers has become the go-to destination for smart, stylish menswear sourced from around the globe. Under the guidance of founder and managing director Mats Klingberg, Trunk has picked up several awards and considerably more fans; quite a few of the latter pop in from Chiltern Firehouse, just across the street.

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Much of Trunk’s success can be attributed to its deceptively simple mission statement. Klingberg explains, “Trunk is a shop for men who like to look smart – in all settings. Our aim is to make Trunk a destination for men to shop everything from suits to denim to swimwear. At the same time we want to deliver a great experience in a warm, welcoming environment – dedicated to making shopping simple and enjoyable.”

Now Trunk is taking its service to the next level by launching a made-to-measure tailoring service – news that should quicken the heart of every well-dressed man.This appointment-only service is a more relaxed version of the traditional Savile Row experience, yet still of the Savile Row calibre. Frankly, what’s not to like?

Much of the pleasure comes from the “warm, welcoming environment” Klingberg cited above. In an age where many shops emulate the size and crowds of Heathrow Terminal One, there is something wonderfully homely about Trunk – a neatly furnished little shop that could almost be somebody’s sitting room. (Don’t confuse it with its smaller cousin Trunk LABS, only a few doors down, which specialises in luggage and accessories. Unless of course you need a bag for the holidays – in which case, march straight in.)

Klingberg describes his original purpose “to create a shop that caters to an international audience of men seeking easy-to-wear, intelligently designed clothes

Inside, you may be greeted by Tim Yates, Trunk’s director of retail and a man so reassuring he could make an earthquake announcement seem like welcome news. If you know what you want, Tim will provide; if you are unsure of your exact requirements, he will guide you gently through the seemingly infinite variations available in terms of colour and cuts.

What about the designers themselves? Trunk currently offers a selection of fabrics from Ariston, Loro Piana, Fox Brothers and Holland & Sherry, with more available soon. Jackets start from £700, trousers from £400 and suits from £900 – with a six week delivery time after the initial fitting. Plenty of time for you to shed those extra pounds which appeared over summer.

This latest venture from Trunk should only further what Klingberg describes as his original purpose: “to create a shop that caters to an international audience of men seeking easy-to-wear, intelligently designed clothes and accessories, with no compromise on quality.” It’s a manifesto that suits Trunk well. 

Trunk Clothiers; 8 Chiltern Street, W1U 7PU;