Big things are expected of LA-based singer Symon in 2017 and beyond. Her brilliant Playlist shows why...

First track you fell in love with?

I remember as a kid hearing "Waterfalls" by TLC and becoming so insanely obsessed with it! I would imitate Left eye all the time, one of my favs!

Most recent track you fell in love with?

Recently I have fallen in love with the new Imagine Dragons’ record "Believer" which my friend and one of the most incredible producers wrote Alex Da Kid

Track to start your day with?

Currently can't stop starting my day with my friend Starley’s single "Call On Me." Just an absolute fire track!

Track that always cheers you up?

The track that always cheers me up would be "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall and Oats. It’s such a happy song; you can't not smile while listening to it.

Track to get you in the mood for a night out?

Any Chainsmokers or Steve Aoki track!

Track to play in the bedroom?

My song, named "Bedroom", on my debut album. :) Can't wait for you to hear it!

Track you wish you’d written?

"Don't Speak" by No Doubt

If you could only listen to one track for the rest of your life...?

I definitely could not pick one track! If could pick one artist, that would be the queen, Lady Gaga.

First track at your wedding?

"Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Track to play at your funeral?

"Closing Time" by Semisonic

Track of yours that you’re most proud of?

I’m really proud all the songs that will be on my album. I got to write them with such incredible creativity and I truly dug deep into myself.

Recent track of yours that you want to share with us?

I would love to share my newest single "No Way". No Way is an anthem, not just for women but for everyone. The inspiration for the song is actually a funny story. It’s about a first date I went on and this guy just wanted to get in my pants before he even really knew my last name. I feel like this is something a lot of people can relate to these days and I wanted to openly discuss this topic. Check it out!

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