Search for one of a kind

When considering a new addition to a jewellery collection, buyers should take into account that one-off status brings so much more value to the asset. Unique jewels tell a distinctive story which tracks their history and provenance; something that is unseen in mass-produced pieces.

Buy a work of art

‘Jewellery as an art form’ and ‘wearable art’ are mottos I have tenaciously adhered to over the past 50 years. With art increasingly deemed a legitimate asset to turn to for investment, I have found the same principle applies to jewellery. Today, many jewellery aficionados look to buy pieces they adore while simultaneously considering them as a future long term investment.

Look for heritage

Heritage and investment are inextricably linked; it is crucial that they go hand in hand. When looking at acquiring jewellery, the history and the way in which the maker has conducted themselves over the years is essential. An unknown maker, or a piece made by someone with negative associations, does not make for a good investment. Heritage also means that an item can be tracked should it change hands. If you ever want to sell a piece of jewellery, an item with a complete history will be more attractive than one without.

Fall in love

Most importantly, you must fall in love with the item of jewellery that is to become a treasured part of your collection and your life. Enjoy owning it, wearing it and being enchanted by it.

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